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With the support of advanced technologies and a twenty-year experience, Best Tie has succeeded in winning the attention of the international market, counting among its customers the most important "griffes" in the sector.
It performs all the delicate processing phases: spinning, weaving with its own frames, raising, specific finishing and cutting. On each step of this complex chain, all carried out on their own, accurate quality controls are performed.
The company policy is decidedly based on the quality of the offer, paying special attention to the price factor and timeliness of deliveries.
The continuous technological updating with the introduction of increasingly advanced machinery allows the Best Tie to achieve the highest quality levels always based on the satisfaction of the most sophisticated market needs.

The need
The increasingly demanding market demands, which require innovation and updating, and the need to guarantee a high standard of service to customers, have led Best Tie to the need to improve IT infrastructure.
The company has in fact identified the obsolescence of the information system as a limit to increase the company's efficiency. Hence the decision to replace the management system with a new generation solution able to face and resolve particular business criticalities and make significant improvements.
The Best Tie was in possession of an IBM / As 400 computer system based on Acg Ibm applications with which it managed active invoicing, optimization of fabric and yarn needs and general accounting.
However, a solution was needed that would be able to improve some processes of management of the commercial relationship with the customer and with the supplier base. In addition, Best Tie was looking for a single interlocutor who could support them in a precise and effective way.

The solution and the advantages
At the end of 2009 Best Tie decided to invest in an innovative solution proposed by C.a.t.a. Informatica: the IBM Smart Business platform for the technological component and Acg V.4 for the application part. This solution has made it possible to effectively manage business operations by combining tradition and innovation with a perfect balance and a good quality-price ratio.
The adoption of the Smart Business solution enabled Best Tie to:
- preserve the application investment on the Power Ibm platform
- implement the modernization project in a short time
- contain the times and costs of user training
- have a single dashboard to install, manage, administer, integrate and update applications and services
We were looking for a partner that would allow us to optimize the costs of managing and updating our IT infrastructure "- says Tata Stoppani of Best Tie;" With Ibm Smart Business we found the solution to our needs, being able to devote our energy to business process development with simple, effective and reliable technological support ".
"The staff at Cata Informatica" - says Dr. Stoppani of Best Tie - "has shown us the potential and the improvements that the IBM Smart Business solution would have led to the management of business processes. support of a qualified technology partner has made the job easier and more streamlined ".
"What I liked about Smart Business is the component of practicality - says Ferdinando Moccogni, CEO of computer science -. Smart Business is a new way to put yourself at the service of customers, who want pragmatic and not words. group of certified solutions, referenced, easy to use and low cost for both activation and maintenance is a concrete way to respond to the needs of the market "

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