COVID 19: The Best Tie response

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In these extraordinary times, our ‘Best Tie ladies’ have been putting their heart, brain and passion to provide a meaningful response to the impact that Covid- 19 is having in our lives. But how? By getting the most out of our core values: craftmanship, creativity and quality!

It has been a creative and intense journey, from the first prototype made on a kitchen table, to the research on the materials and finally the set-up of a small production line…and now are happy to announce that we have added a new line of products in our factory: The Best (Tie) Masks!

It all started with the support of our community. After cutting some of the prototype fabrics and elastic bands, we prepared sewing kits and donated them to some passionate local seamstresses. They volunteered to sew some masks at home, donating them to friends and people who needed them. Those fantastic people managed to make around 8000 masks in total!

And how did this evolve? Our masks, produced using TNT fabrics approved by the Politecnico di Milano, now range from personalized simple single use mask to more stylish reusable ones. The latter have an external layer made of the finest Italian silk or cotton which is washable, and a filtering internal layer made of certified TNT which can easily be replaced.

You may want to take a look to the beautiful design of the models below and chose the one who will make you smile .. under the mask 😊