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Best Tie has been producing interlining for ties for over 30 years, following the process implemented by ITL since 1975. We buy special and eco-organic yarns, weave the interlining on our own Vamatex looms, and apply a brushed finish using a double-barreled internal machine. With the help of an automatic spreader, we prepare the fabric using the latest generation CAM, which cuts the interlining in order to produce the most luxurious ties in the world.

The interlining of a tie is its soul… the supporting column for the most fascinating accessory in menswear.

Why do ties have interlining?
Because it is essential to the structure of the tie.

Why is the interlining essential for the tie?
Because it all starts with the soul.

Why is the quality of the interlining fundamental to the tie?
Because wearing a tie and perceiving it to be made of only silk is deceptive, the interlining is necessary in order to preserve the shape, body,  and soul of the tie.

Interlining enhances the aesthetic of the exterior.
Interlining makes a tie feel lavish.
Interlining is the heart and soul of a tie.


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The staff is made up of highly motivated people who, with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism, carry out their daily tasks in a serene environment. Most of our staff have been working at Best Tie for a long time. This continuity has created the formation of an integrated and close-knit team who are able to harmoniously work together.

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Vertical production is the key to what we can now proudly define as the success of our organization, after more than thirty years. From the beginning in 1975, a slow but inexorable path of development, implementation and modernization led to the replacement of the old frames with the latest generation Vamatex Leonardo, to the creation of a brushing department with double-barrel machines and to the abandonment of the obsolete method of cutting with shears and dies which has been replaced with computerized systems that use very precise conveyor tables and modern automatic drafting/spreading systems. Every project and investment always focuses on a clearly defined goal: excellent quality at sustainable costs, surrounded by personalized service and amiable assistance to customers. Once centered on large orders and "mass" products, our production has specialized, slowly but constantly, following, without forcing, the evolutions of a market in constant motion.

Pure wool or mixed fabrics with high technology yarns have replaced the mainly synthetic ones of the 80s and 90s; ecological finishes have been introduced in line with recent regulations; and new items are constantly designed based upon the requests of our refined customers. The high technology in the various processes has allowed us to enhance the human contribution, now concentrated on the scrupulous control of every piece sold.  After having carefully evaluated the production at the beginning of the new millennium and considered the possibility of relocating to countries with low labor costs, we have never moved from Italy, where we can still guarantee a very high quality level. Moreover, in addition to giving our customers a superior product, we aim to make the entire process simple, uncomplicated and easy.


The adventure began at the end of the 1950s.
Bruno Stoppani , Tatà's father, started producing jacquard fabrics for neckwear, ideas born in his studio in the center of Como were realized, created and woven in Brianza, according to the classic tradition of the territory. Always new and unique designs originating from the sketches that his three little girls, for fun, had fabricated; imaginative techniques  that sometimes developed around of weaving or spinning; usage of unusual yarns that were not always designed for neckwear; passion, enthusiasm and great communication: everything contributed to Bruno's success in Italy and in the world.
His collections, always fresh, fun, and never predictable, have thrilled creative entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Consuming miles of silk, acetate and polyester blend, his works have "captivated" the most chic and eclectic men's necks from east to west.

1975 was a milestone and turning point. Bruno, who had never hidden his desire and hope that one of his three daughters would enter the company, decided to leave the world of silk design and tie production, at the height of his success. The heart dictated his motivation: too many journeys and long absences from home would hardly have reconciled the life of a woman with entrepreneurial activity. The Seterie Bruno Stoppani closed their doors and ITL was born, based in Lipomo (CO).
There, the interlining fabrications were developed, rolled out and cut while the weaving of the fabric was maintained in Brianza. In 1981, Tatà joined her father Bruno and, with new energy and enthusiasm, the foundations were laid for a new company….Best Tie…started in 1988. The company then moved to Albavilla, buying a shed of over 1,000 square meters and a 3-story building, opening the brushing department in Albese and continuing to weave in Brianza in order to keep the traditions set forth by Bruno. The new Best Tie had a mission: to become the premiere interlining resource for the best ties in the world.



After carefully choosing the finest yarns, we create our own warps on which we weave the fabric on our looms. The particular structure of this base allows us to quickly produce any type of order, thus avoiding the need to stock large quantities and easily satisfying all requests very quickly.


This phase begins the customization process that brings the raw materials into their final state, divided into three categories: frosted, brushed, and double-sided. The modern double barrel-brushing machine, equipped with 24 rollers, which have tempered steel gaskets, allows us to customize the "pile" or height of the brushed finish. This incredible machine, carefully controlled by our staff, stores the settings enabling us to offer consistent batches, even over the course of several years.  To achieve a specific and different finish for each fabrication, several machines must be used. Depending on the desired end result, the fabric will undergo one or more of the following processes: decatising, KD, copper-dipping, sanforizing, and/or free carpet, the final phase which creates dimensional stability, softness, support and fullness based on how the interlining will ultimately be used. The finishing is a very delicate process. Much attention is focused on this phase in order to minimize the inevitable variations due to the subtle differences within the batches of yarn, concentration of chemical products, temperature and humidity deviations and the climatic variables that constantly occur.


The CAD department represents the cornerstone of our business. For over twenty years we have been able to provide a model service that indulges our customers with the knowledge that with us, everything is possible. In addition to providing the highest quality of design service, we guarantee efficiency and timeliness. Our experienced operators listen and interpret the needs of our customers into a finished, sampled product within 24 hours. This service, of which we have been pioneers and initiators in our sector, has enabled us to show our customers the ease and proficiency of using the computerized cutting machine, a benefit they can no longer do without.  Our service also extends to the design and cutting of bow ties, tuxedo belts, suspenders and lavalieres or ascots. Do you have a special or unusual model in mind? Ask for it and you will be heard!



When the fabrics come back from finishing, packaged on rolls of varying sizes depending on the weight and thickness of the article, they are spread with the help of automatic double-sheet trolleys and 45 ° cut to optimize yield and avoid waste. The operator, constantly present, performs the very important function of checking, layer by layer, the hand of the fabric, so that it does not change and remains consistent. The length and height of each fabric stack depends on the article (heavy, light, combined, single)  and the quantity of dozens to be cut.


When the drafting is completed, Conveyor tables move the fabric to the cutting machines where it is "captured" by a suction mat and held in place, awaiting cutting directions coming from the central CAD. The blade, sharpened after every 2 meters of cutting, follows the CAD directed placement and sequentially cuts all the blades, tails and interior neckpieces with millimeter precision.  Performing under vacuum enables this operation to avoid the dimensional deviations between the upper and lower layers. An operator picks up the cut material from the unloading belt and, after careful inspection, deposits it in the packing machine.


The pieces of cut interlinings are very delicate and must be delivered to the finished tie factory (often on the other side of the world) in perfect condition. A careful study, along with years of experimentation, has resulted in a system in which the pieces are neatly arranged on rigid cardboard trays and wrapped in a special film (never rubber-banded). These packages are then placed in our unmistakable boxes, subsequently palletized and covered in film again. The interlining, cut in a single piece up to 180 cm long, are, according to the customer's request, banded with soft, elastic polypropylene tape and laid flat in long boxes or folded in half for the use of boxes of standard size and consequent volume savings.

Our shipping department and after-sales assistance to the customer is responsible for tracking the collection of the goods by the shippers, monitoring their progress and updating the recipient with all the information and documentation necessary for rapid customs clearance and prompt receipt. At any time we are able to locate a shipment and provide detailed information to the customer. All our items are collected in elegant samples available to customers. To make a request, simply fill in the form with your data, indicating your preference for the type of catalog and specifying the courier subscription code to be used. For sending the free catalog, only a contribution is required for shipping costs.


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All our items are collected in elegant sample books at our clients' disposal. If you would like to receive one, please fill in the attached form, specifying whether your preference is for wool or artificial/synthetic linings book and including your courier account number to use for delivery purpose.

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