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Price, quality and service are the key elements to overcome the economic crisis. But to stay on the market it is necessary to invest in technology. As did International Cargo and Best Tie with Smart Business Ibm.

If the economic recovery still remains fragile, many small and medium-sized Italian companies have put up the turbo to return to being competitive. The recipes to overcome this difficult moment are different, however there seems to be a common denominator that revolves around three key elements: investing in technology, focusing on the quality of products, offering high-level services. If the excellence of products and services has always been present in the DNA of Italian companies, surprising attention to technology as a determining factor for the success of a company. According to the IDC analysis company, the global SMEs will spend 674 billion dollars by 2013 to acquire IT solutions with the clear objective, not only to improve efficiency, but also to establish a better connection with customers and respond promptly to market trends.


"Just think of the use we make of email today to realize how much technology has changed the way we work," says Bruno Aronni, since 1969 firmly at the helm of International Cargo Srl, a freight forwarding logistics company , shipping and brokerage he founded. «When I started this business all the practices, especially customs, were handled.
Now it would be unthinkable not to have a computer system capable of managing every single process digitally ».
Rapidly growing over the years, not only in Italy but all over the world, by signing prestigious contracts with companies such as Micron, Fiat Group, StMicroelectronics, and consolidating relationships with important partners in the world, International Cargo has kept its strategy based on customization unchanged of every single project. «To survive in this increasingly complex market, managed mainly by a few large companies, it is necessary to offer customers impeccable service. What our users want is to know precisely where their goods are and when they arrive.
To answer these questions it is necessary to have an adequate IT structure, modern, efficient and above all easy to manage, allowing employees to carry out their activities without necessarily being technicians ». Ic was looking for an IT system, replacing the existing one, capable of supporting all the business processes of the company with high standards of service provision. Ic has chosen Smart Business and Getra Graphic International, the Erp solution by Multi Consult Milano that meets all the needs of national and international operators in the transport (sky, earth, sea), logistics and customs sectors.
«Being able to purchase an information technology solution in a" turnkey "mode is a huge advantage that translates into time and resources savings. This allows us to focus primarily on the customer and his specific needs. The quality of our service is fundamental to being able to compete with the large groups that, due to their size, are not able to guarantee a "personal relationship" with customers ", says Aronni.


Technology, quality and services are the paradigms of the success of Best Tie, a Como company among the world leaders in the production of interior for ties. "There are not many of us left to do this job, and I regret this because it means that the market is in difficulty, although for us it is obviously an opportunity to be seized," says Tata Stoppani, at the head of the company founded by her father. Best Tie carries out all the delicate processing phases: spinning, weaving with its own looms, raising, specific finishing and cutting.
The company's policy is historically based on the quality of the offer, paying special attention to the price factor and the timeliness of deliveries. «This business has become very complicated, not so much for the technical aspect of production, decidedly improved thanks also to the adoption of increasingly advanced machinery, but for the continuous contraction of prices. Today our customers want high quality products at lower prices and this challenge can only be overcome by improving and refining all company processes ".
The increasingly demanding market demands have led Best Tie to improve the IT infrastructure primarily. At the end of 2009 the company decided to invest in an innovative solution proposed by C.A.T.A. IT: the IBM Smart Business platform for the technological component and ACG V.4 for the application part. This solution has allowed us to effectively manage the company's operating processes, combining tradition and innovation with perfect balance and a good quality-price ratio. «Having all the processes under control, always knowing where production is at is fundamental to offer customers not only the quality of our products, but also a personal and punctual service. Only then can we continue to be competitive in this market »concludes Stoppani.

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